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IP Fact of the Day

In 1905, a pine tree logo, still in use by Fisons plc. for chemicals, became the first trademark registered in Australia.
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Join the IP Corps today by completing the volunteer form.

Over 3,500 attorneys, academics, policymakers, and practitioners from 50 countries make up the IP Corps.  The benefit of PIIPA's IP Corps work has been described as: "Fair Access - Just Results."  Join us today!  With your help we will continue to deliver on this promise and work towards advancing the quality of life and human development around the world.

Your Commitment
  1. To treat all pro bono cases with the same level of care as non-pro bono cases.
  2. Agree to provide without charge to the client a minimum of 50 hours, or completion of a project.  If it is determined that a matter requires more than 50 hours, you may agree to assist for longer without charge, or negotiate a significantly reduced fee with the client to continue with your services.
  3. At the conclusion of the matter report the outcome of the representation, the total number and value of your pro bono hours at your current rate, and lessons learned to PIIPA.

How It Works

  1. An assistance seeker files an online request for IP help.
  2. PIIPA’s pro bono coordinator interviews the assistance seeker to specifically identify the type of help needed.
  3. An announcement is sent by email to the IP Corps describing the assistance required.
  4. Once you review the announcement if you find your skills match the need, all you need to do is respond to PIIPA’s pro bono coordinator that your ready, willing and able to help.
  5. Depending on the number of responses to the request for help you may or may not be able to assist for that particular case.

In addition to handling pro bono cases, throughout the year PIIPA has the need for IP Corps members to represent, and speak on behalf of us at seminars and training programs to advance the topic of Public Interest IP.  We also occasionally have special requests to assist governments and government agencies with creating, implementing and executing policies, laws, and procedures involving intellectual property rights.  PIIPA also works with collaborators to design special outreach programs that are topic specific (e.g. biodiversity) or country-specific (e.g. for India).

Join the IP Corps today by completing the volunteer form.


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